As Rousseau, half anthropologist, half botanist.

"What would be required, then, in order to observe men well? A great interest in knowing them and a great impartiality in judging them. A heart sensitive enough to conceive all the human passions and calm enough not to experience them."       Rousseau (Emilio IV)

"It's the chain of accessory ideas which engages me to botany. It ressembles and recals to my imagination all those ideas which flatter it most. It causes me to forget the persecutions of men, their malice, their wrongs, and all the ills. It transports me to those peaceful habitations, amidst simple and good-natured people."

Rousseau (Promenades VII)


18/11/2020 - International Seminar of Religion, Art and Literature




















01-03/07/2021- International Congress "The Bible in Western Culture"

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